5 Ways A New Roof Can Save You Money

Like all major home improvement projects, homeowners should look at a new roof as an investment. Your roof protects you and your family from inclement weather, so it is very important to have a sound roof. A new roof, which costs an average of over $10,000, is one of the more expensive home improvement tasks, but there are several ways that your new roof could put cash in your pocket.


  1. A New Roof Increases Protection

In the past decade shingles have seen a significant increase in wind rating. During the 90s, shingles topped out being rated for 65-mph winds. Today, shingles easily rate for 120-mph winds and can often be found rating for up to 130-mph winds.

For homeowners, this means that a new roof offers better protection against the elements and can help save on minor repairs


  1. A New Roof Increases Energy Efficiency 

So many different types of shingles exist today, it can make choosing a new roof a difficult task. Choosing an energy-efficient shingle can help lower utility costs and keep your home comfortable all year long. 

Start by choosing the right shingle color. Different colored shingles reflect different levels of light and heat. This means that these shingles are highly reflective and can lower your electricity bill by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates your roof. 


  1. A New Roof May Offer Insurance Savings 

Insurance companies will charge premiums for customers whose roofing is out of code. A new roof can bring your home up to current code and greatly reduce your insurance rates. Not to mention that it is much safer to live under a roof that follows these codes!


  1. A New Roof Offers Superior Moisture Protection 

There is a layer underneath shingles that adds extra protection. This layer is called underlayment. Today’s underlayment is excellent at protecting the wood underneath your shingles. This extra level of protection can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.


  1. A New Roof Gives You Peace Of Mind

The roof on your home protects your family, belongings, and more. By replacing or upgrading your current roof to one that is more energy-efficient and up to code, you can have peace of mind that what matters most to you is fully protected. 


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Home Improvement

Home Maintenance Projects To Finish Before Labor Day

For many, Labor Day signifies the end of what feels like summer. While fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, the feeling of summer (and warm temperatures) starts to disappear after the holiday. Get a jump start on home maintenance tasks for fall by finishing these improvement projects while the weather is still good.


  1. Request A Roof Inspection 

Summer can be hard on your home, but scorching temperatures can be especially harmful to your roof. In addition, the spring and summer months are typically when more severe weather occurs. If you have not had a professional roof inspection yet this year – now is the time! Trust us, you don’t want to wait until it is freezing outside to find out you have a roof leak or that your roof needs to be replaced


  1. Weatherproof Your Home

As the cold approaches, it is important to make sure no warm air will be escaping this winter. Keep the heat in by caulking around doors


  1. Trim Trees And Bushes

Every homeowner knows that raking leaves during the fall is a pain – but trees too close to your home can cause serious damage. Trim trees back to prevent debris build-up on your roof as trees lose their leaves this fall. 


  1. Add Insulation 

Whether it’s hot or cold, proper insulation will lower your energy bills and ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. If you have noticed that your energy bills are slowly increasing it means that it is time to replace your insulation. 


  1. Check Your Gutters! 

As with many other aspects of your home, it is important to properly and routinely inspect and maintain your gutters to ensure that they remain in complete working order. Without proper maintenance, they can become overwhelmed with ice formation and snow buildup that is made even worse as heavy rains come in. Routine gutter inspection and maintenance can go a long way in preventing this from becoming a problem.


Summer days are limited so get these home improvement projects started now. Fall brings its own list of seasonal projects, and you’ll be thankful that you didn’t let your summer to-dos pile up into the fall.

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